Urban Replay

Reimagining everyday objects

Buried Ships

Installations to inspire and bring about an appreciation for history.

Bird Burbs

Interactive sculpture that invites guests to ring the doorbells and see which bird lives inside.

Lift Away

An elevator which promises to transport people to different worlds through sound.


What do you do when you come across a wait button in the middle of the forest?

Bird Burbs - est 2018

Welcome to Bird Burbia, a diverse colony of birds who've all decided to make a singular tree their home. Guests are invited to ring their doorbells and meet who's inside.

The Bird Burbs interactive art installation began in 2018, inviting people to come meet the playful inhabitants of Bird Burbia. Each year the installation has expanded and currently it sits at 53 houses, 11 of which are set up with doorbells for people to discover, press and be delighted by. Upon pushing the buttons, the homes light up, present a silhouette of the animal, and then sings its bird song. If all the doorbells are active, the town begins a bird party, as all the houses begin a coordinated light and song show.

Bird Burbs has been showcased at:
Priceless 2018, 2019
Oakland Autumn Lights Festival 2019

Lift Away - 2019

An elevator that will transport you to the wildest corners of your imagination, the Lift Away appears to travelers looking for an adventure of the mind.

The Lift Away is an interactive art piece designed for people to explore as an individual or as a group. The structure is a platform which suspends a light and a full sized elevator panel. The 16 buttons on the elevator activate various sounds that play with the 4 channel speaker setup, giving people a sense of full immersion into the experience.

The Lift away has been showcased at:
Priceless 2019
Oakland Autumn Lights Festival 2019 - winning the Stories in Art award

Wait - 2018

What do you do when you come across a wait button in the middle of the forest? What are you expecting? What do you need? What are you waiting for?

Wait asks what the role is of urban infrastructure in natural places. It takes the fundamental experience of pushing a wait button (which is a desire to be given permission in the city to continue on a path) and flips it so that people instead stop to appreciate the natural landscape they are in. Wait reminds people that the act of waiting can be as rewarding as the outcome one is waiting for.

Wait has been showcased at:
Priceless 2018
Audio Garden 2019

Buried Ships project - 2019

The Buried Ships Project takes a closer look at the history of San Francisco by organizing themes of home and historical repetition in the city. The stories of the past weave into present day San Francisco as the insights and anecdotes tether to current day experiences of residents in the 21st century.

In order to facilitate these stories, a special phone system has been set up to hear them. These waymark stories give a short background on the gold rush while also presenting real experiences from the letters and diaries of those who actually lived here.

Furthermore, the project serves as a reminder for casual pedestrians of the rich history of the city. By placing monuments in honor of the ships that are buried deep beneath the buildings, people can connect with a physical manifestation of the past. With few actual reminders to this part of the city's history, these are intended to be places of reverence and appreciation.

The Buried Ships Project has been installed at:
San Francisco's Financial District